Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'You think you're stronger than the Palestinians, but you're not.'

The Wikileaks cables that World Jewry would rather you not see are starting to come out (one of Assange's release strategies seems to be drama, to keep the interest up over the months of leaking).

"The smoking cable: Israel said it had 'secret accord' with U.S. over expanding settlements even as Obama said in Cairo they must stop!" - and see the comment by lysias.  That Cairo speech really was an epic pile of horseshit.

From the cable:
"MFA Middle East Director (Assistant
Secretary-equivalent) Patrice Paoli informed POL Minister
Counselor June 18 that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak
told French officials in Paris June 15 that the Israelis have
a "secret accord" with the USG to continue the "natural
growth" of Israeli settlements in the West Bank."
"You think you've got time, but you don't."
"You think you have an alternative solution, but you
"You think you're stronger than the Palestinians, but
you're not."
None of these are lines the Israelis would want you to see.

"Corroboration, Not Revelation"

"What WikiLeaks tells us about Argentina and Palestine" - or maybe Argentina recognized the Palestinian state because they thought it was the right thing to do, a rationale Americans can't comprehend.

"Evil US Deeds Exposed by WikiLeaks"

"Apple The Latest To Convict Wikileaks Despite No Charges Or Trial; Kills Wikileaks App For Violating Unnamed Laws"

"What We Learn From WikiLeaks" - eerie consistency of the nothing-to-see-here crowd.  American 'journalists' are very well trained.

More of the same lies:  "WSJ’s Mary O’Grady Rewrites WikiLeaks"  It is amazing what people think they can get away with utterly misrepresenting the cables to an American audience.

If I were Assange, I'd be more worried about being assassinated by the psychos at Bank of America than the psychos at the CIA (who would probably miss anyway).
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