Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Obama's Osama IV

It is likely that Osama was being held prisoner by Pakistan in his Palestine-shaped compound (it was originally built in uninhabited area, so the shape was not constrained by his neighbors).  He could have lived anywhere - why would he choose this particular place?  The American right is trying to put the blame on Pakistan, claiming that he was being sheltered by the Islamist-leaning Pakistani military.  I have no doubt that such elements exist in the Pakistani military, but it is not the only view, and Osama was in considerable risk living where he was.  The logical conclusion is that he was being held there, stored until he could be useful for Pakistan.  What does Pakistan get in return?

The vague and peculiar American story that Pakistan wasn't aware of bin Laden's presence, and wasn't given prior notice of the American attack - for fear, presumably, of tipping Osama off - is probably to cover for Pakistan's help in allowing American access to bin Laden, help that wouldn't go over very well in the Pakistani borderlands.

I'm thinking that Obama himself ordered the correction of the original lying Official Story.  There were a lot of people in that room with him watching what happened in real time.  Some may come out with memoirs, which could be embarrassing to Obama if they stated the truth of what happened.  Hillary would love to show that Obama let the lies stand.

In a logical world, if bin Laden is the grand terrorist mastermind running the show that American propagandists would have you believe, the Americans would do anything to take him alive so they could question him in an effort to disband the 'al Qaeda' network.  Instead, they just shot him dead and gave a lie to explain why.  Was this a mistake, or did they know he had no useful information as he was a CIA asset all along?
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