Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Even Amnesty International, usually worse than useless due to being corrupted by its donors, is having trouble with NATO's laughably over-the-top anti-Gadaffi propaganda:  "Amnesty questions claim that Gaddafi ordered rape as weapon of war".  NATO should hire a better PR firm to generate some plausible lies.  Note how the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is an integral part of the NATO lie factory.

"Those Libyan Atrocities: Do They Really Stand Up?"

"US Ambassador: If UN recognizes Palestine, Congress will punish UN"  Express threat to cut off UN funding based solely on the Palestinian state issue.  ZOGgity, ZOG, ZOG, ZOG.

"ADL lauds new Yale program for the study of anti-Semitism"  This looks like Yale extorting Jewish donors for more donations.  It is hilarious that last week's terrible scholarship - beneath the standards of a decent university - is now a new program at Yale.

"Fake Syrian Lesbian Tried to Get Book Deal"  MacMaster appears to be extremely active, using many aliases, all around the internet.

"Harvard, Vanderbilt, Spelman Exposed for Taking Part in “African Land Grab”"  Harvard still looks like an organized crime gang.

"Alex Andreou: Democracy vs Mythology – The Battle in Syntagma Square"  Myths about Greece.

"A Few Short Decades Undercut 150 Years of Legal Reforms"  Hernando de Soto applies his famous analysis of the reasons for third world poverty to the United States.

"Pollard, despite appeals, not allowed to attend father’s funeral":  "He reportedly has been estranged from his family since 1996." - since he had no reason to go to funeral it looks like an escape attempt.
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