Saturday, June 04, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Dublin Wikileaks Cables Reveal Irish Govt. Groveling to the US":
"Like many of the cables from around the world, the Dublin cables so far revealed through Wikileaks show US diplomats effectively united with their local counterparts against a common enemy: the people - whether the people take the form of anti-war activists, jurors or voters in an upcoming election."
"LeVin gets house arrest after undisclosed settlement" The layers upon layers of wrongdoing here are beyond belief.  Love the capital 'v' in his name.  He must be from a noble family of French winemakers.

"Israel government 'reckless and irresponsible' says ex-Mossad chief"  Note the express admission that all the 'Iran talk' is bullshit:
"A spokesman for the prime minister said that he would not discuss Dagan's comments. However members of the cabinet told the Israeli media: "Dagan was out of line on the Iranian issue. This damages deterrence, because the military option must be on the table as a credible option after sanctions.
"If you come and say, 'we can't attack Iran, it's impossible,' you project weakness to the Iranians and make it look like you don't have the courage to do it, and that they can do whatever they want.
"More seriously, it sends a message to the world that they can take their foot off the gas pedal of sanctions.""
"Who killed Salvador Allende?" Whether the generals pulled the trigger or forced Allende to pull the trigger, Salvador Allende was murdered by Henry Kissinger.

The concentration camp guard is partly moving to the Tablet Magazine.  Since his main job at the Atlantic was educating and directing the goyim on how and why they should fight Wars For The Jews, this seems like an odd move, almost as if the Atlantic is slowly trying to regain some respectability.
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