Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Watch NRA heads explode: Al Qaeda spokesman urges terrorists to buy lots of guns at gun shows"  Adam Gadahn!  It is funny how guns don't count in the War on Terror.

"Neo-Cons Target Assad Regime"  I don't think this is right.  Bandar Bush's Zionist war on Syria isn't intended to lead to regime change, as the Zionists are more than happy with Assad, and very afraid of the alternatives.  There are two points to the attack:
  1. general weakening of the Assad regime and
  2. blackmail (the outside pressure will stop if Assad drops ties with Iran, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians/ Hamas).
"Colombia: Chiquita in hot seat over paramilitary ties"  Chiquita is always near the top of any list of the world's worst corporations.

"The Rise of Chinese anti-semitism and contemporary support for Hitler as a display of Chinese nationalism."  This will become increasingly important as China takes over leadership of the world.

"Jewish Heir Fights Restitution, Wants Museum to Keep Art"  These stories of cultural sabotage are even more poignant when you realize that the proceeds are certain to be stolen.
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