Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dancing men

"Strauss-Kahn and the Dancing Men"  Pretty good response to Epstein.  Epstein mixes the phone hack story - quite possible - with the dancing men story - improbable, and denied - to create a larger conspiracy (and Epstein's creation of conspiracies goes back to his writings on the JFK assassination, and does not reflect well on Epstein).  I still see absolutely no reason to doubt the story of the victim.  As I have already said, there may very well be a conspiracy, with the maid sent up unknowingly to meet a DSK who the conspirators knew was such an animal he would attack her.  In other words, even if he was framed (in a way), the frame-up still leaves him as some kind of monster (backed up by other stories of a lifetime of monstrous behavior that are still coming out).

The comment by 'ProfRoss' is probably correct:
"We have a different view of this overseas. DSK's philandering was legendary within certain exclusive circles, and completely unknown to the general public. Yes, there was a conspiracy at work here, but not of the usual sort. There was a decision made here to reveal the truth, as opposed to conceal it. The French let the NYPD do their dirty work. DSK simply wasn't protected; there was no cover up."
If there was a conspiracy, who did it? Lots of suspects. Sarko? The other possible candidates for the French 'left'? Somebody with money in the game in Europe who didn't like the direction the IMF was taking?

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