Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The DSK PR whitewash campaign has begun (note the author is none other than Edward Jay Epstein - DSK only hires the best).  The weirdness:
"By the time Sheehan was called by the hotel at 1:03 PM, Diallo was seated on a bench in the hotel’s ground floor service area, just off the service entrance on 45th Street. Behind her was a “Dutch door,” with the upper half opened, that led to the hotel’s security office. Surveillance camera footage shows her entering the area with a tall unidentified man at 12:52 PM. She mains there until 2:05 PM. At 12:56, she is joined there by Brian Yearwood, the large, heavy-set man who is the hotel’s chief engineer. Yearwood had just come down from the presidential suite on the twenty-eighth floor, which he had entered at 12:51, according to the key records. Yearwood remained close to Diallo as she spoke to Adrian Branch, the security chief for the hotel, who remained behind the half-shut door of the security office. She can be seen gesturing with her hands for about four minutes, pointing to different parts of her body over and over again, suggesting she was telling and retelling her story.
At 1:28, Sheehan, still on the way to the hotel, sent a text message to Yearwood. And then another text message to an unidentified recipient at 1:30. At 1:31—one hour after Diallo had first told a supervisor that she had been assaulted by the client in the presidential suite—Adrian Branch placed a 911 call to the police. Less than two minutes later, the footage from the two surveillance cameras shows Yearwood and an unidentified man walking from the security office to an adjacent area. This is the same unidentified man who had accompanied Diallo to the security office at 12:52 PM. There, the two men high-five each other, clap their hands, and do what looks like an extraordinary dance of celebration that lasts for three minutes."

Three minutes? This "large, heavy-set man" danced for three minutes?

"Chavez repatriates Venezuela's foreign gold reserves"  After the brazen theft of Libyan assets - and I wonder who ultimately ended up with them? - no country should leave any assets in the hands of a financial institution connected to a country that is a NATO member.

The American left - which is desperately trying to support Obama while pretending to be part of the 99% - is embarrassing itself badly:
  1. "Updated: The Shocking Truth About Naomi Wolf's Factless Assertions" (here's Wolf's useful article, attempting to make the financial corruption connections more direct).  Note the weak ad hominem attack on Phil Anschutz and the original story, which, as I have said, makes perfect sense (in fact, I'd fall over dead with amazement if there wasn't federal central organization of the attacks on the protesters, and the DHS is just the organization to coordinate it).
  2. "Naomi Wolf’s ‘Shocking Truth’ About the ‘Occupy Crackdowns’ Offers Anything but the Truth"
  3. "#OccupySeattle Protester Who Claimed Miscarriage Has Dubious History With The Truth"  This attack is directly based on the standard methodology of a Fox News attack, and indicates how far the American professional 'left' has fallen.

Best Obama explanation buried here:
"Atkins doesn’t get that Obama isn’t a Democrat or a Republican: he’s just for himself. The Democrat “thing” was a Chicago political necessity."
If you aim to be President and you are running your political life out of Chicago, you are going to have to pretend to be a Democrat.

"The Majority, Including Occupy and the Tea Party, Agree On Top Issues"  One of the lines of the whores for the 1% is that the 1% can't do anything as it is impossible to know what the 99% want.

"Michael Hudson: Some Modest Proposals for Reforming the U.S. Financial and Tax System"
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