Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street responds to controversy over Gaza flotilla"  Translation:  we have a bad case of the Jews.  I guess they can kiss any intellectual/romantic/spiritual connection to Tahrir Square goodbye.

More hilarity:  "Libya and the Left".  He must not be talking about the 'Left' that was a big fan of carpet bombing, flagrant breaches of UN mandates, mass murder, and ass-rape of  Gadaffi.

"BP Oil Spill Whistleblowers And Experts Continue To Mysteriously Die"  Considering what we know BP has done and is doing, the odd murder here and there is no surprise.  The list would be more coherent if Ted Stevens wasn't on it.

"The Netanyahu Guide to Middle East Peace"

"Could Jews become a minority in Israel? Higher Palestinian birth rates could lead to power shift in one-state solution"

"'Hannibal' policy: Israel's plan to kill its own soldiers"  I'm certain the 2006 Jewish attack on Lebanon was started by sending Israeli soldiers over the border with the intent that they be killed.  The Jews are a hive, and each individual is just another worker bee.

Pizza in 'Breaking Bad'.
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