Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jews discussing their favorite thing

"Ron Paul’s antiwar position is simpleminded" by Jerome Slater.  Slater calls Ron Paul a 'simpleminded fool on 90% (at least) of the issues'.  Slater probably would be well advised not to throw this insult around too carelessly.  Note the comments, which easily and thoroughly eviscerate Slater.

"Ron Paul’s foreign policy should be embraced" by David Samel.

Completely oblivious, Slater doubles down:  "Just wars– and civilian casualties"

The only good to come out of this Era of the Wars For the Jews - as future historians will call this troubled time - is the certainty that there are no such thing as 'Just Wars'.  The wars we have seen and will see, at least until Israel is gone, consist of a massively technologically and militarily superior bully slaughtering civilians on a mass scale until the central government of the victimized country gives up to avoid more civilian slaughter. These 'wars' are all massacres.  There is nothing even arguably just about any of them, and it is a tribute to the moral decline of 'progressives for carpet bombing' that they are completely unable to understand what has happened.

The depravity of 'progressives' is exemplified by the argument itself - 'I can't vote for Paul as he would not have supported one or more of my favorite wars'.  Can they hear how morally bankrupt this makes therm sound?  Do they have scrapbooks with pictures of gory civilian casualties to drool over?  They might as well.

No, in today's grim era all wars are morally repugnant, and no decent and moral person could support any of them, going back decades (I'd argue that American involvement in WWII was also wrong, but I don't have to, so I won't).  It is hilarious that the professional left won't stop claiming Ron Paul is a racist, when Paul is alone in being against the Wars For The Jews (the most obvious manifestation of the racism of the United States outside its borders) and the war on drugs (the most obvious manifestation of the racism of the United States inside its borders).  Ron Paul could spend his days chanting 'Nigger' at the top of his lungs and he still would be profoundly less racist than any other Republican candidate, or even the sainted Barry himself.
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