Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The concentration camp guard (was I the first to start calling him that?):
"By the way, I don't consider "former Israeli prison guard" a "gross phrase," just so Ackerman understands. It's an inaccurate phrase -- I wasn't a guard, I was a military policeman (the actual title of my position was "prisoner counselor," believe it or not, which meant that I saw after the culinary, hygiene and medical needs of the prisoners, but I also, on more than one occasion, actually did give advice to Palestinian prisoners on how to apply to college in America -- I stressed that the essay portion of any application would be an easy home run for any of these Intifada prisoners. A few of them did end up at universities here).  "
So he was some kind of guidance counsellor?  Supremacists never get the fact that you simply can't spin the kind of vile behavior in which they routinely engage into something less repulsive. It reminds me of how the Israelis proudly showed Condi Rice around the West Bank, thinking how they must have seemed to her like world-class humanitarians, when all she saw was the racist oppression of the Old South. Being brought up as a group supremacist actually causes cognitive impairment.

"Alternative classrooms may not be as inclusive as they claim to be" The world's worst newspaper takes up much of its front page with an attack on the teaching of truth in the Ontario education system on the basis that young Jews are dismayed by the truth.  Note the attempt to hide their very specific problem in a larger political issue.

As I have noted over and over, once it became clear that the Americans couldn't be forced to start yet another War For The Jews against Iran, it became necessary for the Jewish warmongers to do a 180 degree turn in order to deflect questions from Israelis wondering why nothing was being done about the imminent holocaust:  "Israel Isn’t Going to Attack Iran and Neither Will the United States".

"Obama administration using loophole to quietly sell arms package to Bahrain"  This isn't the work of Ronald Reagan or George Bush, but the sainted Batty, champion of the military-industrial complex.

"Ron Paul predictions in 2002.......Still think he's crazy?"  Paul is wrong about inflation because the dollar's status as the world reserve currency means the printing presses can print the money required to fight all the many, many, many Wars For The Jews without causing the hyperinflation you would normally expect to see.  Once the world reserve currency status is lost - and it is being severely threatened by the Sanctions For The Jews against the innocent people of Iran - Americans need to get ready to replace their pocketbooks with wheelbarrows.
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