Monday, January 09, 2012

War profiteer 'progressives'

The American 'progressives' are having trouble digesting the truth:  "Naked Capitalism, 'A Home for All Sorts of Bircher Nonsense'"

What happened is that American 'progressives' were quite happy to ride along on the wave of the success of American big business/war profiteers.  The civil rights movement - propelled to some extent by integration in the military fighting in WWII and Korea - allowed big business to integrate blacks into the economy, thus increasing the consumer base and the size of the work force (and thus helping to lower labor costs, although the reduction was hidden by the boom in the economy).  Feminism was intended to integrate women into the work force for similar reasons.  Needless to say, big business support for illegal immigration has a similar basis.  All the while, the United States was on a war economy footing.  The tax base continued to grow, and with appropriate taxation policies filled the government coffers with the money needed to reduce poverty, build the education system, fund health care, etc, etc.  All was good, but it was all based on this unholy alliance between big business and big government, led entirely by the economic interests of big business.  The model for this alliance was the military-industrial complex (and Eisenhower famously saw into the future).

When we think of think tanks now, we of course think of institutions intended to fool Americans into fighting Wars For The Jews.  Back in the golden era of progressivism, the think tanks produced all sorts of progressive ideas, and they were almost all funded by big business.  All these progressive ideas expanded government, and the economy, and thus were good for big business.

Everything has changed, but the 'progressives' failed to notice.  The big tax base was built on a war economy and a real economy.  The capitalists hollowed out the real economy, sending the wealth creation offshore, leaving the United States with just a war economy.  It is thus increasingly easy for the Jews to fool Americans into wars for the sole purpose of building Anti-Assimilation Land (aka, Israel).  Big business found it could use the think tanks to produce the lying basis for the end of regulations and the complete destruction of the taxation system.  The American government is now essentially funded using printing presses, a habit which can only continue as long as the American dollar is the de facto world reserve currency, a happy state which is soon to end (largely caused by pressures created by all the Wars For The Jews - as an example, carefully watch the fallout from the economic pressures being put on Iran and the rest of the world by the Jew-controlled American government).

Signing on with big business, and, in particular, the big business of war, to fund progressive politics may have been a good idea at the time.  It is no longer a possible model.  The United States is collapsing at an accelerating rate, and more Wars For The Jews will increase the rate of decline (and a War For The Jews against Iran would surely turn the United States into a third-world country instantly).  The combination of hollowed out tax base and no effective taxation on corporations and the rich means there is no longer any money to fund social programs or fix infrastructure.  The current situation is just the logical conclusion of a system engineered to look out solely for the economic interests of big business.

When you look at other places that have problems from time to time - Europe or Japan - you see problems caused by corrupt politicians looking out for the interests of banksters.  These are problems that pass if the underlying economic footing is strong.  With the United States, all I see is an economy addicted to war profiteering and the printing press.  There is no politician who will be permitted to win who proposes to change any of this (and Obama is the quintessence of a war profiteer 'progressive').  The United States, as I have said before, is fucked.

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