Tuesday, February 14, 2012

False Flag Season and the First Terrorist State

Apparently we've entered the most sacred part of the the Jewish year, the False Flag Season, a time which leads us to reflect on the nature of the Jewish State itself, and to reconsider the concept of terrorism:  "Iranian counter-terrorism?"  I note there is no reason to consider these attacks as Iranian, and Woodward himself notes the method used in Delhi is a "method favored by Mossad", and the method used in the recent killings in Iran. The incompetence of the attacks also points away from Iran and towards Israel, as does the relatively inconsequential nature of the targets.

Of course, the key point here is the unique nature of the Jewish State itself, killing people and stealing land through the misuse of the term 'terrorism' (and using 'counter-terrorism' to kill more people and steal more land, while infecting the rest of the world with the 'war on terror' with 'counter-terrorism' just a violent form of state-run Islamophobia), while uniquely using terrorism to achieve state goals.  Sure, other states use terrorist methods from time to time, but there is no other state that uses terrorist attacks on civilians in other counties so much, and as general policy.  It is not enough to call Israel a 'state supporter of terrorism'  It is the first 'terrorist state'.  Many of these attacks are of the false-flag variety, a fact that is now recognized around the world.

Note how the Jews are identifying the attackers as 'Iranian', while the Indian authorities have other ideas.  India is shaping up to be a key location for Israeli false flag attacks (note the recent attempted - ! who fights these things? - deportation of two Israeli nationals, perhaps indicating that Indian officials were hearing of a plot, which isn't of course to say they are deporting the right people).  Even the concentration camp guard seems to recognize that it would be very odd for Iran to pick India as an attack site, given the robust - and dollarless! - refusal of India to follow the Sanctions For The Jews.
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