Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Why Iran’s Missiles Can’t (and Won’t) Hit the East Coast"  Of course, the insane Warmongers For The Jews have won once you start to take their foolishness seriously enough to think it is worthy of rebuttal.  They presented much similar baloney before the attack on Iraq.

"Following the money: Is Bay Street backing Thomas Mulcair?"  The title of this article is highly misleading (the article itself is much better).  Mulcair is supposed to be the favorite to replace the late Jack Layton as leader of the Canadian NDP.  Big capital isn't supporting Canadian socialism!  The people described as 'Bay Street' supporting Mulcair are Jewish Billionaires, and Mulcair, despite his Irish-Canadian/French-Canadian background, is a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist.  Just a disgusting piece of shit.

"The Military-Maker Complex: DARPA Infiltrates the Hackerspace Movement"

"Conspiracy in Syria: Bin Laden and Brzezinski"

"Press sources and methods on Syria"

Many if not all of the Muslim writers on Syria are using a phony concern for democracy and human rights to hide their sectarian hatred of the Assad regime.  They don't like the fact that Syria is led by a small sect of people who they feel aren't real Muslims, and may even be a kind of crypto-Christians.  Face the facts.  After Assad, the 'democracy' will be Saudi-style democracy, and the 'human rights' will be Saudi-style human rights.  The million or so Christian refugees in Syria who have fled from Iraq will be screwed again.

"Heartland Institute Threatens 71-Year-Old Veteran"  Despite the best efforts of the lying mainstream media to obfuscate the issue to protect the guilty, I detect a note of panic at Heartland.

"Social media ‘tidal wave’ helped turn world’s focus to Khader Adnan"  The powers that be continue to have a problem with media which lacks centralized control.  All the big players in social media are dealing with the problem by developing methods of partial shut downs.

"Epistemic Closure (Horizontal Version)"  The United States really needs a glossy magazine detailing the lives of its royal families.
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