Thursday, March 22, 2012

The end of the mission

"Al Qaeda fanatic is DEAD: Serial killer jumps out flat window with all guns blazing in dramatic end to 32-hour siege" - comment by 'The Questioner, Earth' at 22/3/2012 16:18:
"Do you really believe he "escaped" from an Afghan prison? Do you really believe his mother had weapons in her car? Who was watching him on the train "hours before the shooting"? Convenient isn't' it? What happened to the mystery woman? Interesting timing on that, no? Why were his mother and brother arrested but the mystery woman disappeared? Wouldn't one of the last people to speak to him be a priority? Do you think killing him before he stands trial is a good way to shut him up? Do you think arresting his family is a good way to shut them up? isn't letting the mystery woman get away a good way to protect your own operative? Isn't it possible that he did not escape an Afghan jail but was released in exchange for working with "counter-terrorism" units, who duped this useful idiot into "running an exercise" that turned real world? Isn't it possible that he may have told his mother and brother what he was involved in? Is it possible that the woman on the train was his handler?"
The exercise was to assist in Sarko's reelection. Sarko is running a campaign based on xenophobia, and these incidents fit right into the plan.
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