Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

As with Atzmon, so with anyone who speaks Truth To The Jews.  Massively disproportionate reaction.
"Lady Tonge bites back after Nick Clegg disowns her over her Israel comments"  "LibDem Peer Says Israel “Will Not Be There Forever”"  "Fanatical UK Lib-Dem Jenny Tonge Joins New Hate Fest Against Jewish state"

Speaking of Israel Shamir:  "UK Mag Links Julian Assange and Wikileaks To Brutal European Dictator"  The article - interesting due to its extremely muddled politics, although it is mostly inspired by the neocon preoccupation with Lukashenko - is partly about Assange's 'education' about where the danger lies, with lots of degrees of Kevin Bacon guilt by association.

"Israel-Firsters? You Decide"

"How the Media Got the Parchin Access Story Wrong"  The Jew-controlled media lies in order to encourage another War For The Jews. Who'd a thunk?  And yet the crime isn't the war, or the hundreds of thousands dead, or the large area of the world destroyed by nuclear debris, but pointing out the consistent actions of the group of supremacist warmongers who are behind all the wars.  We should just ignore it, and let them have their way, as pointing out all the lies is 'hateful'.  No wonder the world is fucked.

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