Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

"PetroChina overtakes Exxon as biggest oil producer"  Just another symptom of Wars For The Jews.

"The NDP’s Awful New Leader"  The Liberals are run by a member of the NDP, and the NDP is run by a Liberal.

"Sen. Rand Paul blocks Iran sanctions bill, calls for ‘thoughtful debate’ before we start another war"  You ought to know you are in trouble when the only voice of sanity is Rand Paul.  ZOGity, ZOG, ZOG, ZOG.

"Sullivan unmasks Goldberg as a propagandist for Netanyahu’s ‘lies, bluffs and deceptions’ aimed at getting us into war"  The concentration camp guard has long periods of activity, and then disappears for long stretches from time to time.  Do you think he gets recharged with Pure Evil somewhere, perhaps back in the Homeland?

"IDF colonel-rabbi implies: Rape is permitted in war"  Despite the quibbling we now associate with the Jews, this isn't just some religious nut.  He is a guy in position to set policy in the IDF.

"Vatican bank image hurt as JP Morgan closes account"  Everybody knows the Vatican bank is crooked and has been for decades, and JP Morgan is not the kind of institution to care, so there must be much more to this story.

"Robert Downey Jr. denies he is anonymous commenter spreading Hollywood dirt in blind items"  'Himmmm', whoever he or she is (not likely RDJ if he 'ever wants to work in this town again'), is largely concerned with violence against women and Hollywood pedophile rings.
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