Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

I wonder if Kofi Annan flew directly from Damascus to Netanayu to demand an end to civilian deaths in Gaza.  Note how the Jews, collectively thwarted in their plans in Washington, took a consolation prize with a little Gaza slaughtering.  It helps the fang ache.  The Jew-controlled American media reported on the slaughter many paragraphs down in big articles on the few retaliatory rockets that may have fallen on Israel.

Petras on Syria:
"The killings and mass flight of refugees is not the result of gratuitous violence committed by a blood thirsty Syrian state. The Western backed militias have seized neighborhoods by force of arms, destroyed oil pipelines, sabotaged transportation and bombed government buildings. In the course of their attacks they have disrupted basic services critical to the Syrian people including education, access to medical care, security, water, electricity and transportation. As such, they bear most of the responsibility for this “humanitarian disaster”, (which their imperial allies and UN officials blame on Syrian security and armed forces). The Syrian security forces are fighting to preserve the national independence of a secular state, while the armed opposition commits violence on behalf of their foreign pay-masters – in Washington, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Ankara and London."
"McClatchy On Israel's Nuclear Iran Scare Campaign"  The McClatchy family continue to control the papers, explaining the strikingly odd honesty - completely out of line with normal American media protocols - in McClatchy reporting (also remember the honesty in the McClatchy reporting on the lies that led to the attack on Iraq).

Amongst their many other superiorities they have over the gentiles, the Jews have remarkably good vision, x-ray in fact.

"The dirty war on WikiLeaks"  We're learning a lot about Sweden, none of it good.  "Transparency Double Standard: UK Public Inquiry Requests Info From Wikileaks"

"Pepper Spray Art"
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