Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Drug shortages: Single supplier for generic injectables at root of crisis in Canada"  This is a completely obvious conspiracy by big pharma to blackmail Canadian provinces into stopping their commie practices of (1) insisting on buying generic drugs, and (2) using their single-payer bargaining power to lower the cost of drugs for Canadians.

"Fresh meat for JFK assassination hounds"  "The Kennedy assassination: Did Castro know in advance?" "And the Disinformation Continues"  The 50th anniversary of the assassination is coming up, and the CIA is nervously preparing the propaganda.

"Questions surround Mulcair's temperament, positions"  Ed Broadbent has taken the unprecedented step of cautioning against the frontrunner, the evil Mulcair.  "Broadbent's Mulcair attack 'bad form', says professor":
"University of Toronto professor Nelson Wiseman says these comments could cause conflict down the road if the Quebec MP wins the race.

"They were dreadfully bad form," Wiseman said. "What's going to happen at future NDP meetings when Broadbent comes to the annual convention? He's going to be hugging Mulcair, Mulcair will be hugging him, people will think 'hold it, isn't this the guy you were dumping on?'""

Mulcair is World Jewry's man.

"A Call for the Disavowal of Splittism"  What strikes me is that a lot of people had to go out of their way to make a big deal about Atzmon.  More collaborating?  Just what did the lite Zionists promise in order to get people to sign on to this ridiculous and self-defeating attack against one of the handful of Jews in the universe who really is on the side of truth and justice and the Palestinian cause?

Laying it on thick:  "The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama" ("The plot to target Obama was probably bluster, since al-Qaeda apparently lacked the weapons to shoot down U.S. aircraft.").  Yet they downplay the real attack on Panetta:  "Panetta says he doesn't believe incident at Afghanistan airport was an attempted attack on him"

"Fred Burton: Mossad Stealing Companies’ Secrets"
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