Saturday, March 24, 2012

Successful military exercises

"Robert Bales – Lone Nut or Scapegoat?" by Justin Raimondo:
". . . it is certainly possible Bales went to two residences, killed 16 women and children, and then gathered up the bodies and burned them in the space of a couple of hours, with no assistance from anyone - but how likely is it?"
"Is it an Israeli False Flag Again?" by Gilad Atzmon:
"Israeli press reported this evening that French gunman Mohamed Merah had been on a trip to Israel in the past.

According to the report, Merah's passport had Israeli stamps in it. The purpose of his visit is unknown. Israeli analysts suspect he was either trying to visit the Palestinian territories or preparing for a terror attack.

However, I won’t rule out the possibility that Merah was actually trained by Israeli forces. Marah may have conducted a false flag operation. By way of deception is, after all, the Mossad’s motto."
Don't these life-long losers get around? He may have received training in Israel, but it seems his main training was in Afghanistan, probably in a camp run by the CIA (that's how the Americans had him in custody in Afghanistan, and returned him to France). He was about to be sent back to jail, and help with that problem is probably the hold they had over him. The very peculiar overnight stay attempting to join the Foreign Legion (!) was probably how he received his final instructions. In the duality peculiar to patsies, he had some acquaintances saying they can't imagine how he could have been involved in such a thing, and others describing in great detail how he was involved in proselytizing jihad (ostentatiously building a legend about his being a devout radical Islamist that seems to have had absolutely nothing to do with the man himself).  The French government didn't have to kill him, but if they took him alive they would have had to jackruby him before he could talk.  The exercise worked:  Sarko jumped in the polls.
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