Thursday, March 15, 2012

Supremacist news

"Washington Report -To Disavow or Debate Gilad Atzmon?"  The problem facing the Jews isn't violence against them, or that mythical 'anti-Semitism' we constantly hear about, or the 'existential destruction' supposedly facing Israel.  It is assimilation.  The oddity is that the Zionists know this - in fact, they are obsessed with it - while at the same time the cause they espouse, Zionism - Jewish violent racist group supremacism - is the main cause of assimilation.  Who wants to belong to the same group as - shudder! - Alan Dershowitz?  There is nothing less sexy in the universe than Jewishness.  Nothing less cool, or conceivably less cool.  Jews will soon be sporting brown paper bags over their heads, out of the sheer embarrassment.  It is hard to get dates when you are wearing a brown paper bag over your head.  The way things are going, the 'Jewish problem' is going to solve itself, thanks to Zionism.  You'd think that people who like the concept of Jewishness would be setting up university chairs to study the works of Gilad Atzmon.  The fact that some Palestinians have made a deal with the devil - the lite Zionists - is just sad.

"Peace Be Upon You, with John Safran"  More supremacist problems.  You can never be  _____  enough.

"The Jewish Vote"  In 1868.  There is nothing wrong in voting for your group's interests - although it would be better if you felt your group to be the whole of society - as long as your group's interests aren't the purest distillation of Evil.  Of course, it has never been the Jewish vote that is the problem

"Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian National Council"  The Zionist-American-Saudi counter-revolution means that you can't piggy-back on the Muslim Brotherhood to achieve a revolution and then expect the Muslim Brotherhood won't take over the entire government and ruin your country.  The fact that real revolutionaries in Syria have accepted reality is a good thing.

"Six Ways the Media Has Misreported Syria"  Is the Western media ever going to bottom out and reach Maximum Mendacity?  It seems that each new conflict is a chance to outdo your predecessors.  Judy Miller is starting to look rather quaint.

"Holocaust History Preserver Shoah Foundation's Patents Being Used To Sue Google, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon"  They haven't yet extracted every penny but it is not for lack of trying.

"StratforLeaks: Google Ideas Director Involved in ‘Regime Change’"  Watch out for more war by think tank, in this case Google Ideas.
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