Thursday, May 31, 2012

Assange and the crooked British judges

"Julian Assange loses extradition case – live coverage"

This is completely fucking outrageous, and everybody should be up in arms.  First, the majority of the court substituted its own argument for those made by the prosecutor - proving that they rejected all the prosecutor's arguments for extradition - an argument that was never argued in court, thus depriving Assange any chance to refute it. 

Secondly, they then tried a dirty trick by attempting to hide this substituted argument from Assange's counsel until it was too late.  They knew their methods of railroading Assange were dirty, and it was only the diligence of Assange's lawyer that brought this atrocity into the open in time, forcing the judges to give Assange another kick at the can. These judges of the majority are obviously utterly corrupt, and the only chance for justice in this matter will be in Strasbourg.

You can see how important it is to get Assange to the United States that senior judges would make complete fools of themselves to do it.

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