Friday, May 11, 2012


From the Angry Arab:
  1. "US-Iranian nuclear deal?":
    "My informants tell me that Iran and US may reach a deal in the next round of negotiations in Iraq."
  2. "Iranian fatwa on nuclear weapons":
    "In the next meeting in Iraq, the Iranian may produce a written Fatwa from Khamenei against nuclear weapons in return for lifting of all sanctions (and other demands), my sources tell me."
Much as I like the sound of this, I can't see Obama being able to get around the Jewish jackboot until after he is reelected.  I think it much more likely that the plan is to drag the negotiations out until an America-first (and not Jewish-supremacist-first-) solution is possible.  The fatwa - which already exists - may play a part in the propaganda.  The day the deal is signed should be a holiday (Fuck The Jews Day?).
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