Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Why Is The Government Holding Back 50,000 Pages On The JFK Assassination—And Countless Other Documents?":
"Sunstein is a sort of caricature of everything people don’t like and don’t trust about government. The fact that he’s in charge of “open government” speaks volumes."
"I hereby forgive the CIA for Abstract Expressionism"  "Paris Review"

"White House Didn’t Ask New York Times Not to Publish Classified Information"  This story is bizarre on its face, but we shouldn't complain too much as it appears to be part of the Obama effort to placate Jewish fangs without having to actually kill anybody (not that Obama minds being a mass murderer).  Suffice it to say that if there were any truth to this, we wouldn't be hearing about it!

"Top Ten Reasons Romney Shouldn’t Arm Syrian Rebels"  This is the exact opposite of what I'd expect to read from 'Langley', although he does seem to favor carpet bombing of civilians.

"Shabbihah portraits"  "Syria: Translation of the experiences by Marat Musin near the Syrian city of Homs."

"Muslim Brotherhood are Western Proxies"

"Uproar over UK Exam: “Why are Some People Prejudiced against Jews”" (white supremacists understand Jewish supremacists very well):
"The rational and non anti-Semitic answer to the question is that anti-Semitism is the result of the actions of the Jewish extremists and Zionists, who control the Jewish community.
Their actions, which include prominent Jewish criminal endeavors in finance and societal degeneration in the media, cause people to be left with a negative impression of the Jewish people as a whole.
This is compounded by the enormous crimes of Zionist Israel against the Palestinian people and the blatant lobbying by Jewish pressure groups for horrific wars against their perceived enemies such as Iraq and now Iran.
The real answer to the question is therefore not, as the Jewish Supremacists like to say, an “irrational prejudice,” but actually the actions and activities of the Jewish Supremacists themselves."
 "Why You Pay More for Gas Because of Jewish Supremacists"
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