Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More catching up

"Debating Amnesty About Syria and Double Standards"

"There will be hell to pay for NATO's Holy War"  Every week we hear another report that the Russians are giving Assad just another week or so to clean up the mess in Syria or they will withdraw support from him (it reminds me of the last twenty years or so of Jewish reports that Iran is just six months away from a nuclear weapon!).

"Covering Syria: The information war"  There is nothing new about the lying, but I do feel it is a little more ridiculously obvious this time.

"Syrian Rebels Set Trap for British Journalists"  Sometimes I'm not sure who to cheer for.

"Has the One Percent Already Won This Thing?"  It is time to move to environmentalism as an organizing principle.

"How obsession with "nonviolence" harms the Palestinian cause"  While the Jews keep searching for the Palestinian Gandhi.

"Thousands of Indigenous Farmers Chased Off Their Land to Make Room for Biofuel Companies"
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