Friday, July 27, 2012

Rational actors

The only thing to remember about Hezbollah and the Iranians is that they are both rational actors.  The only thing to remember about the Jews is that they are irrational actors.

Rational actors act on facts, conserve their resources, and consciously avoid acting on emotion.  Irrational actors act entirely on emotion while believing they never do, and curiously project their irrational motives on their long list of created enemies.

The Jews are the classic example of irrational actors.  Their bible is a cry for help from the grip of various psychological problems, centering around a prosecution complex and a deep, deep, deep need for revenge for various imaginary sins of their created list of enemies (never forget that there is no historical evidence for most of the things the Jews claim were done to them; almost all the stories are complete fantasies).  The enemies and the revenge complex are created as part of the megalomania surrounding their group supremacism.

The financial and political power of the Jews, and the sheer strength of their group insanity, have allowed them to project their craziness on the rest of the world, so we often don't realize just how irrational they are.  For example, even though it is completely insane - let me repeat that, even though it is completely insane - they have managed to force on the world the idea that Hezbollah, acting for Iran, is behind both the attack on the synagogue in Argentina and the attack on the Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

Remember that Hezbollah and Iran, distinctly unlike the Jews, are rational actors (they simply can't afford the luxury of being irrational).  They have specific policy goals, for one, deterring the Israelis from the massive list of terrorist attacks committed by Israel against them. These kind of attacks against Jewish civilians serve no rational policy goals, but are entirely the kind of things - centered on an irrational compulsion for revenge above all - done over and over again by the Jews (who project their peculiar kind of crazy motives on their enemies).  In fact, these kind of attacks play right into Jewish propaganda goals (the poor, poor, suffering Jews, always having to defend themselves against attack!) and also explains why the Jews are making such a big deal of Munich - yet another false flag attack against Jews - at the London Olympics.

Rational actors who want to deter a crazy government from terrorist attacks would never attack civilians, as such an attack wastes scarce resources, has no effect on the people behind the terrorism, and is in fact counterproductive.  The Hezbollah/Iranian justified response to Jewish terrorism - and we must never lose sight of the sheer quantity of it, and the enormous rational self-control of the victims - will be a big attack against Israeli politicians, high-ranking military officers, or high-level bureaucrats.
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