Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Libor Manipulation Well Known in London by 1991"  When you think of all the borrowing contracts over the decades where the rate of interest is based on LIBOR, the transfer of wealth from borrowers - including the biggest commercial borrowers, with the cost, of course, trickling down to all of us - to banks must be staggering.

"What's Toronto Jewish Community thinking as City Mayor found hanging with a Nazi"  They are very selective in their outrage.

"questioning original finding"

"The moral logic of Angry Arab"  The Angry Arab's obvious prejudice against Hezbollah clouds his judgment.

"Syrian Blood Etches a New Line in the Sand"  The neocons must be patting themselves on the back for using the fallout from the problems caused by their attack on Iraq to create new problems in Syria, Iraq, and, eventually, beyond.

"Give a barrista a tip and he'll feed his belly; but give him your cocoa remnant, and he'll attain chocolaty bliss"  Mitt's complete inability to master or even comprehend any of the normal social norms makes we wonder whether he is autistic.
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