Monday, July 16, 2012


"David Brooks’s conscious oversight about America’s ‘elite’"

"David Brooks almost goes there"  Make of it what you will, but the comments to the Sailer posting are enormously smarter than the comments to the Weiss posting.

It is strong evidence of the confidence of American Jews today that Brooks can play with these concepts, albeit in a misleading way ("Everybody thinks they are countercultural rebels, insurgents against the true establishment . . . " - what nonsense!).

Of course, the Old WASPs and the new Jews are both supremacists, just with different groups as the supreme group.  It is extremely unfair  to Jews - to he point of being ludicrous - to say they lack a sense of stewardship (it only appears that way as the only group they look out for is so tiny, with so many living far, far away in a foreign country).  The Old WASPs cared about a much wider group, and they buried their innate racial prejudices behind the idea that the preferred race was the 'American race' (the fact that other groups in the United States might also benefit from their stewardship was seen as irrelevant).  As their policies benefited a much wider group (in some cases even outside the United States), they appear in hindsight to be much more benign, although these policies were based on exactly the same kind of supremacism that is now wrecking the United States and the world when coming from Jews.

'Meritocracy' is part of the wider persecution complex of the Jews.  The idea is that the Jews would beat the WASPs at their own game, forcing their way into the establishment by succeeding at the tests created by the WASP establishment, and thus surmounting the all-pervasive 'anti-Semiticism'.  It is ridiculous to suggest that the Old WASPs ignored merit, as they were always bringing in outsider experts, including Jews, to help them.  The merit was real merit, though, proven competence in the real world.  'Merit' is now defined as marks and achievements at certain elite schools, a system that has been entirely jobbed by the Jewish Establishment for the purpose of creating a phony 'meritocracy' dominated by Jews.  We see so much incompetence now as the entire system has been broken, and broken intentionally, to allow positions of power to flow from the 'meritocracy' (Kagan's movement through the system up to the Supreme Court is a classic example of how this works).  Of course, this works so well for the Jews as you are not supposed to notice it working.
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