Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Kim Dotcom: the internet cult hero spoiling for a fight with US authorities" ('Hollywood'):
"In Dotcom's telling of the story, his travails began when the Motion Picture Association of America hired the veteran former senator Chris Dodd, who used his sway over his longtime ally the vice-president, Joe Biden, to encourage a move on Megaupload. 'If you connect all the dots, and you see who the operators are behind all of this, you understand the political scope,' he says.
'They had a political agenda, plus they had an upcoming election, and they needed an alternative for Sopa,' says Dotcom, in a reference to the ill-fated and draconian Stop Online Piracy Act.
'It would probably have looked very bleak for [Obama] to go to Hollywood and ask them to help him get re-elected when he couldn't make Sopa happen for them. So Megaupload became a plan B.'"
"Alberta oil selling at 50% discount to world price…"  Harper has a Western-Canada-centric government - or rather, a Calgary-centric government - that must be under massive pressure to get those pipelines through.  The Canadian Indian nations have an effective veto over the pipelines.  The Indians are getting uppity. Things will get interesting until Harper finds the right chiefs to bribe.

"Secret papers show extent of senior royals' veto over bills"

"A Little Digging Unmasks DNA Donor Names"  "Who’s your daddy? Sperm donors, paternity, child support and the law"  It is amazing how trusting we are, with so many reasons not to be.

"Syria: Reuters Spreads Another 'Massacre' Lie - Debunked"  "Russia Slams US for Blaming Syrian Govt for University Attacks"

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