Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This year's Holocaust Day celebrations

Atzmon:  "Holocaust Day Backfires"

"Abusing Holocaust memorial days"

"Berlusconi's praise for Mussolini on Holocaust Day demands condemnation"

"Morsi Aide Denied Holocaust in 2010"  Contrary to news reports, this wasn't a part of this year's celebration.

"Holocaust Memorial Day is not the right moment for a Left-wing publisher to kick-start a row about 'the Holocaust industry'"

"Rupert Murdoch's Twitter slap-down has big implications - and not just for News Corp editors":
"Rupert Murdoch’s public slap down of the new acting Sunday Times editor Martin Ivens over the publication of Gerald Scarfe’s cartoon of Benjamin Netanyahu raises a number of important issues.
One is that all of the editors in Murdoch’s News Corp media empire have been made aware of the danger that when they next find themselves mired in a controversy and fighting to protect their editorial reputation the boss might use his favourite social media network to cut them down at the knees.
It seems inevitable that those editors will be more likely than in the past to try to second guess the views of a man who assured the Leveson Inquiry that he does not interfere in the editorial content of his papers."
The irony being that the Leveson Inquiry was occasioned by Murdoch's utter lack of ethics.

I look forward to next year's celebrations, but hey, for millions of victims of the Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere, every day is Holocaust Day.  We should not pick only one day to remember the victims of Jewish violent group supremacism.
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