Thursday, January 03, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"‘Atlantic’ writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic"  The concentration camp guard remains furious with Walt for being the pioneer in pointing out what he and his ilk are up to.  Thus, despite the fact that Hagel and Walt have pointed out exactly the same thing about malign Jewish influence in American politics, Hagel is kosher and Walt is still treif.  I think the concentration camp guard is aware of the fact that the Hagel trial balloon is a trap for the Likudniks, a trap he wants to avoid.

"Nicolas Sarkozy 'took £40m from Colonel Gaddafi to fund 2007 election campaign'"  Not only is Sarko not in jail, but he is planning to win the next French Presidential election.

"FBI, Working With Banks, Chose Not To Inform Occupy Leadership Of Assassination Plot On Its Leaders"  The FBI, while assisting big business interests, stayed mum about the JFK assassination too.

"The Rise of the Sunnis and the Decline of Iran, Iraq and Hizbullah: The Middle East in 2013"  When I started to read this I really thought it was a parody, and then I realized he was serious.  He also continues to lay the Syrian war propaganda on very thick.

"International Media Regurgitating Syrian Rebel Propaganda":
"Outside Syria there have been repeated media and diplomatic forecasts of imminent victory for the rebels and defeat for Bashar al-Assad. Ignored in this speculation is the important point that Assad's forces still hold, wholly or in large part, all the main cities and towns of Syria."

"Greenwich Village couple busted with cache of weapons, bombmaking explosives: sources"  "New York bomb suspects had 'terrorist encyclopedia'"  Looks like a false flag in the making to hurt the Occupy Movement.  Note the background of the alleged perps.  This was local police - I wonder if the FBI would have let an attack happen.  By the way, the arrest looks iffy:  based on a warrant for credit-card theft, they uncovered the whole thing by spotting "a white substance in an ash tray" which turned out to be an explosive substance, or so they say.

"Happy New Year, Goyim! by Danny Levi"

"Yes, Randi Zuckerberg, Please Lecture Us About 'Human Decency'"

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