Sunday, January 27, 2013

Variations on a theme

"Lib Dem MP FINALLY apologies for 'unintended offence' after suggesting 'the Jews' had not learned the lessons of the Holocaust"  "Alan Hart: You must not tell the truth! And chutzpah defined"  "Stuart Littlewood: UK Liberal Democrats in a funk over free speech (again)"  Atzmon:  "Lib Dem MP David Ward Told the Truth"  Hilarious:  "Here's What Elie Wiesel Thinks About that Anti-Semitic British MP"

"The Nation defends John Brennan, Obama’s nominee for the CIA"  'Progressives' for the GWOT.

"The media drumbeat: The West is evil"  The evil of the West is real, and it is its propensity to be led around by the nose by racist supremacists.

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