Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heavier lies the Crown

I've been looking over that odd book on the JFK assassination, "Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal". Look at all the Jewish names!  A lot of the speculation in this area focuses on the Lionel Corporation, but note the reference in chapter 2:
"The gambling syndicate and Mafia contracting agents who handled the transactions with Permindex were ex-President Carlos Prio Socarras of Havana, Miami and Houston, Clifford Jones of Las Vegas, Morris Dalitz of Las Vegas, Detroit, Cleveland and Havana, former head of the Cleveland mob and close friend of Hunt, Hoover and Roy Cohn, L.J. McWillie of Las Vegas, a gambling partner with Cliff Jones, Bobby Baker of Washington, D.C., Ed Levinson of Las Vegas, Benny Seigelbaum of Miami, Henry Crown of Chicago, associate of the Mafia, Patrick Hoy of the controlling clique in General Dynamics and Joe Bonanno of Lionel Corporation of New York."
This may of course be speculation and nonsense, but it is awfully specific speculation and nonsense.

Two theories about the planners of September 11 are that Israel did it - ridiculous, though Israel was obviously watching - or that it was a cabal led by Cheney - highly improbable. You would need a very high-level America-based group, with access to the top level of official gatekeepers and cover-up artists - NORAD, FBI, Pentagon, CIA, FAA - but a group far enough away from the actual government to prevent the danger of detection.  The Military-Industrial Complex and Israel were the two obvious beneficiaries of September 11, so perhaps the place where they cross is the place to look.

General Dynamics is a pioneer of sophisticated electronic control of aircraft, and could certainly rig up something to crash into the Pentagon (an F-16 is one of the possibilities).  Remote-controlled drone warfare was on the horizon at the time, and September 11, including a crash right into the Pentagon, might have been a demonstration of the possibilities of military sales of the future, as well as the way to create a market for such sales with the GWOT enabled by September 11.

There is not a shred of evidence for any of this (and nobody is looking in the right place).  I'm speculating on a suspect based on:
  1. technological capacity;
  2. motive (both Israel and military sales);
  3. networking to the highest levels of the US government while being slightly outside the government;
  4. the traditional insider/outsider role of the Jews in societies, as well as the extremely proactive role taken by the Jewish billionaires in running the United States; and
  5. the model of the JFK assassination.
Read this piece on Frank Lowy, noting the Lester Crown and WTC connections.
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