Friday, February 15, 2013


Some of us are going to miss Israel after it is gone just for the loss of all the conspiracies.

Why would a rational person after a long period of imprisonment kill himself just before going to trial or obtaining a successful plea bargain?

The Zygier story has already turned into a cover-up, with alternative theories arising to hide the truths that World Jewry does not want to get out:
  1. there exists a world-wide army of Jews - the sayanim - who regularly and routinely commit treason against their own countries in order to assist the Jewish supremacist collective;
  2. this 'dual loyalty' means that no governments or private corporations can trust any of their Jewish employees; and
  3. there is a particular treason in fraudulently obtaining passports from 'clean' countries for the Mossad to use in black-ops.
Nervous quiet in Australia:
"Amid mounting speculation over the bizarre circumstances surrounding Ben Zygier’s apparent suicide in 2010 inside the suicide-proof cell purpose-built for Yigal Amir, the management committee of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry decided this week to decline to comment publicly on the case.
One senior Jewish leader, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Haaretz: “It’s the dual loyalty issue, that’s the last thing we want to come up. That’s what we are very concerned about."
He added: "If the media start asking why are Jews going to other countries and fighting for them or joining their spy agencies – that’s why we want to keep at arms' length.""
It would be much worse for World Jewry if Zygier wasn't Mossad, and wasn't involved in wild spy capers, but was just a civilian who had done bad things for the Jewish supremacist collective and was going to reveal the details.
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