Friday, April 19, 2013

Strange inconsistency

There is already a strange inconsistency in the Official Story of the Boston bombers.  It would have been so easy to wear sunglasses, pull down their caps, and keep their heads down.  Simple as this is, it makes an excellent disguise.  Instead, they walked around as if they didn't care if they were identified. They acted like they weren't doing anything wrong.

Yet, once identified by the pictures, they didn't lay low, but acted rashly, almost as if they were attempting suicide by cop.

One explanation for the change might be that they realized there was really no hope, that they were well and truly set up, and chose death over spending decades in the hell that is Guantanamo or the hell that is the American kangaroo court system for 'terrorists'.  Perhaps they had been told that they were helping the authorities by leaving the bags at a spot where there was a security drill (I notice the right-wing kooks have identified possible undercover officials in the crowd pictures).  They would naturally think there was nothing but weights in the bags, and the drill was simply for the officials to identify the possibly dangerous unattended bags.

That is a perfectly good patsy scenario, and explains the huge shift between happy-go-lucky bag carriers and crazed fugitives, but I don't understand what Barry - or even neocons working behind Barry's back - gets out of a false-flag from Chechens.  I know we'll soon get a back-story from the Jew-controlled media that these completely normal seeming guys were actually crazed Islamofascists who hated the American way of life, thus justifying Jews killing Muslims and stealing their land, blah, blah, blah.  Still, it seems rather elaborate for just another excuse to feed hillbillies the same old crap.
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