Saturday, May 04, 2013

Billionaires, etc

The relevant Jewish billionaires really want a two-state solution:  "Palestine now recognised by greater power than US or Israel – Google"

"Who has mentioned Forbes Israel's cover story on Jewish billionaires?"

Fun details on the nominee for American Commerce Secretary, appropriately someone who may have single-handedly wrecked the entire American economy:  "The Privilege of the Pritzkers"

From Niqnaq:  "the old ‘jewish leftist’ con":  Did the Jews manage to con Stalin into thinking that the new State of Israel would be a communist ally of the Soviet Union, thus tricking him into allowing the Czechs to supply the Jews with the arms they needed?

"Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?" by Stephen Lendman

"Kosovo organ trafficking: Five found guilty of duping patients into selling kidneys" (if you scroll way down you'll find a detail completely missing in the rare American reporting on the case):
"But Moshe Harel, an Israeli described by the court's indictment as the gang's "key recruiter and fixer" remains at large along with Dr Yusuf Sonmez – despite warrants being issued for their arrests."
"Key suspect in Kosovo organ case 'arrested in Israel'"  "Israeli organ trafficking ring-leader arrested" Yet he is still 'at large'.

"Church of Scotland: Jews do not have a right to the land of Israel"  Shocking, in that it attacks the root lie of Jewish supremacist claims to have a right to steal the land of the Palestinians.

"British Court Decision May Foster Academic Boycott of Israel"

"Major defeat in case claiming union was anti-semitic":
"Was the Israeli government involved too? A senior official at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently revealed that, “over the last six months Israel has taken on two (court) cases in partnership with UK Jewry” in fighting Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS). This very likely includes Fraser’s case, yet Anthony Julius had previously denied any such links, saying that to assume the case was “being supported by the Israeli government” is a “fantasy”."
Note the link to "Trends to expect from BDS & how to klap them".

"Conspiracy Theories in Kyrgyzstan: Accounts Tie Boston Bombers' Family to Mafia"  Vague, but no doubt on the right track.

"Sep. 11, after a decade":
"Think about it. After more than ten years since Sep. 11, the US is edging toward reconciliation with Taliban in Afghanistan, and is practically aligned with Al-Qa`idah in Syria.  If only the American public knows."
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