Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'Solving' crimes, post 9/11

"Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarneav Responsible for 2011 Triple Homicide"  The first comment, by ironic_username, nails it:
"So the FBI shows up to perform a prolonged interrogation of this guy, ends up shooting and killing him, and then lets everyone know that it's okay because he was part of a triple homicide in 2011.
It's pretty convenient that they don't even need to have any sort of trial or anything at this point, because both of the suspects are dead.
If all law enforcement has to do to convict people of crimes is anonymously leak incriminating details to a compliant media without fear of rebuttal or reprisal, then do we really need to keep offering suspects trials by jury?"
After the FBI killed the guy they were interrogating, they immediately had to work backwards to solve the previously unsolvable crime, with the bonus that everybody will now forget that they eliminated a witness under very suspicious circumstances.  Presumably we are to believe that the dead guy confessed, implicated the two brothers, and then for some bizarre reason decided to take on the FBI armed with a knife he somehow procured.

Added:  they are backing off on the knife story.  Even Josh Marshall is finding this story hard to digest.
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