Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spy stories

The big Benghazi conspiracy scandal is derailing the attempt - they are still at it (Pannell has been at this for quite a while) - to provoke greater American provisioning of the heart-eaters:
"Much more damaging than this however, is that Benghazi links the White House directly to the Syrian proxy war. The hearings have already begun to open the lid on how the US covert ‘national-wrecking’ road show were facilitating both the transfer of both weapons and foreign al Qaeda fighters from Libya in order to help destabilize the sovereign nation of Syria. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others who died when Washington was forced to pull the plug on their operation there, are now known to be mere expendable cannon fodder - a revelation that has disgusted many American voters who would have previously turned a blind eye to any similar covert and underhanded US operations overseas."

The New York Times has given up all pretense to being anything other than an arm of the Israeli military:  "‘NY Times’ relays Israeli threat to attack Syria".  Nasrallah's putting the Golan Heights in play has caused all Jews to rush to the aid of their country.

"Don't worry, BloomBorg's hive mind is merely assimilating new entities"  I wonder if this revelation will make it harder for Bloomberg to buy the New York Times.

"FBI files reveal Anti-Defamation League spied on Arab students" I'd suggest there might be implications for the charitable status of the ADL, but that would be silly.

"The day the Obama administration went all Nixon on us"  The fact that the United States is allied with, and materially supports, the radical violent Sunni groups known collectively as 'al Qaeda' is something the American people can never know about.  The 'left' and the right both agree. The Yemen scandal is a just another facet of the Benghazi scandal, which is just another facet of the Syrian rebel scandal, which is just another facet of the Osama bin Laden scandal. The entire security state, the institutionalized Islamophobia, the complete lack of personal privacy, the Global War on Terror, the never-ending series of Wars For The Jews, etc - not to mention the causal effects of all this money wasting on the calls for austerity - is based on a huge lie, and Obama will do anything to prevent the truth getting out.  Americans have reached the point that much of the American economy, and even more of the wealth of the 1%, is based on wars and security and intelligence, and the necessity of all of it is based on this lie.  Nothing Nixon did comes even close to what Obama is up to.  Not even close.

Remember this?:  "The Yemen printer cartridge hoax"

"‘AP’ says Barbara Boxer is favoring Israeli travelers over American ones"  Remember all those Israelis driving white vans around various terrorist attacks who were in the United States illegally?  No longer a problem!  All Americans have to do is incorporate unconstitutional Israeli discrimination practices into American law by turning over management of American immigration to the Israeli government.  What could possibly go wrong?  It continues to amaze me how much of the American Congress is so brazenly traitorous.  The Make Life Easier For The Mossad Act.
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