Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Le Figaro: 'The spectacular French turnaround on Syria'"  All the Russians had to do was stand tall for their principles, and all the vile imperialists collapsed.  Still, be prepared for a series of tricks to derail any chance of peace.

Via Whiskey Fire:  "BDS lied about Stephen Hawking joining anti-Israel academic boycott (Update – retraction of the retraction?)(Final update? Hawking essentially refused to cross boycott picket line)"  An attempt to run with the Cambridge University lie runs into the facts in an amusing way.

"Church of Scotland backs away from boycott call in the face of pressure"  "More on the Church of Scotland’s controversial report on occupation"  Honesty and purity haven't got a chance, but we have to appreciate the effort.

It is lucky for that cretin Stephen Hawking that he had a Jew to tell him what to do.

"How $57 Million Holocaust Fraud Unfolded at Claims Conference" "'I cannot stand Jewish people': Lawyer almost loses her career over office rant about queue-jumping man at medical centre"

"Jewish Supremacists Becoming Even More Fanatic as Ultra-Orthodox Outbreed other Jews"  "Israel Moves to End Gender Segregation in Public Spaces" 
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