Saturday, May 25, 2013


  1. "Woolwich maniacs stalked me"  They thought he was a soldier and then realized they were mistaken.  Killing a soldier was apparently important.  Why did they identify Lee Rigby as a soldier?  The Help for Heroes sweatshirt wouldn't have been enough, and his other clothing doesn't seem to definitively identify him as a soldier (scroll down here for picture of the body).  I note that he was a recruiter.  Could he have been specifically targeted?
  2. "Woolwich attack: MI5 'offered job to suspect'"  Of course.
  3. Both suspects clearly attempted suicide by cop.
  4. I note that the new 'conspiracy theory' is to claim that the whole incident was staged.  I also note that this is not helpful.
  5. If I saw a man on the street attacked and nearly decapitated by two men with machetes, men who then walk around menacingly with the bloody weapons, ranting and clearly high on drugs, I wouldn't stick around close enough to them to use my phone to take a video, YouTube fame notwithstanding.  Having a video confession makes motivation very clear.
  6. Other than the usual professional racists, discussion in the UK has been remarkably sane, demonstrating a growing understanding that the Wars For The Jews aren't moral, and that a violent reaction to them is inevitable.
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