Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If it wasn't for bad journalists we'd have no journalists at all

"Snowden Censored by Craven Media"

"How Glenn Greenwald Began Communicating With NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden" Odd, in Greenwald's line of work, that he wasn't equipped, and couldn't even become equipped, to receive secure communications using encryption.

"New slide from leaked PRISM presentation promotes directly collecting data from servers"

"What's On the Other 37 PRISM Slides?"

"Barton Gellman, Glenn Greenwald feud over NSA leaker"  "After NSA Leaker Goes Public: Greenwald Hits Gellman Over Claims About Edward Snowden"  Wikileaks would have been the way to go (which is why they have Assange preoccupied).  The Washington Post was the worst place in the world to approach.

"Why James Clapper Should Be Impeached For Lying To Congress"  He outright lied.  No consequences.

"Why Edward Snowden's flight to Hong Kong might be brilliant" (Putin, on a roll these days, may step in):
"Patricia Ho, a lawyer at Daly & Associates, which specializes in refugee cases and international public law, told GlobalPost that in December Hong Kong courts ruled the government could not send people home if they would face cruel and unusual punishment.

"The reason I think this is relevant," said Ho, "is because if you look at the case of Bradley Manning, during his detention period, he was found to have suffered cruel and degrading treatment. It was found by the UN special rapporteur on torture," she said.

"I would imagine given the similarity in the cases that Snowden could easily say, 'Well, I fear that the same would happen to me,' and use that as a basis to claim protection in Hong Kong. If he does that I would say his chances of protection would be fair.""

"Everyone Snoops"
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