Thursday, June 06, 2013


"One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years"

"How Israel Steals Palestinian Land: the Blueprint used all over the World"

"Existence of “Jewish Lobby” Confirmed again by Israeli Media"  Rice and Power are two of the most evil people in the universe (to be more accurate, I rate Rice as #1 and Power in the top 10), and the one-two punch by Barry is a clear signal.  Dersh is so overjoyed he can't keep his blood-dripping fangs in:  "Samantha Power Will Wow Them at the United Nations "

"NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily" This is a classic 'limited hangout'. Bad as it sounds, it is intended to be seen as following the traditional crime investigation model, with the crime being the investigation of the Boston bombings, and an actual warrant being obtained. In fact, the operating model in the United States now is the NSA's Panopticon, where all communications are monitored illegally without warrants, search engines are applied to identify 'suspicious' words being used, at which point the full illegal surveillance is applied to those who say the bad words. Once the American government gets away with this - and it will, as the Jew-controlled media's campaign of Islamophobia, and a few well-placed false flag operations, has Americans terrified of what Mooooooslim is hiding under their beds - NSA will have a de facto retroactive approval to the Panopticon.

I think it is sweet that the 'left' is still defending Barry on the questionable standard that at least he is not as bad as Tricky Dick, when Nixon, in his worst nightmares, could not imagine doing what Barry does as a matter of course, every day, on a wholesale basis, with no criticism whatsoever, except perhaps that he is letting Muslims get away with murder.

"WHO In Boston: The Fishy Gets Fishier" (an odd place to find this kind of thinking). The third link on backpacks is very interesting.

"Guriyev fears new move against jailed Khodorkovsky" I have to wonder whether the new interest in Khodorkovsky relates directly to the express violent threats made by the Jews against Russia.
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