Wednesday, June 05, 2013


"Syrian army regains strategic city of Qusayr"

"The Syrian Army Takes Qusayr"

Watch the Guardian try to downplay the significance using tweets from 'experts': "Syria crisis: Assad's forces retake Qusair - live updates" The significance is that the Syrian Army and Hezbollah have established that they can defeat the lung-eaters, even in well established positions, meaning that Syria can be saved. On to Aleppo!

"Meet the 'Friends of Jihad'" Pepe has a little fun.

"France, Britain say samples confirm nerve gas sarin has been used in Syria" The well-buried lede is that the Obama administration needs more proof. It is completely clear that the Americans plan to sit this one out and wait for Assad and Hezbollah to retake the country. I'm sure Barry thinks the Russian defensive missiles are just swell as they make a no-fly zone impossible, and provide the vital Excuse For The Jews.

"Did an Israel lobby front group organize McCain’s trip to Syria?" McCain continues his lifetime of treason.  The group of fellow-travelers of the 'left' in defending the lung-eaters is hilarious.

"Mossad MITM SSL Attack" Some traitors in Iran are probably in trouble.

Egypt sentences some spies. The NGOs are one of the main weapons used by the Americans, and every country should follow Egypt.
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