Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top of Cryptome:
"7:30PM, June 18, 2013. Guccifer Bush Family Contact List Removed In Response to Two US Secret Service Agents Visit to Cryptome at Request of Bush Family. More Information Available at New York Office of the US Secret Service: 718-840-1000. Original source of Cryptome's mirror of Guccifer Bush Family Contact List remains online at 6:50AM 6/19/13:"

"Jerusalem in Google searches" The Googlejews are two-state solution supporters, with Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

"Discovering Names Of Secret NSA Surveillance Programs Via LinkedIn"

"FBI Boston Chief Retires, Todashev Fallout?"

Is your bookie taking an over-under bet on how many weeks it will be until some jihadist fighting civilization in Syria returns home - whether it be to Europe or the Gulf States - and starts lung-eating and slaughtering, perhaps even using the weapons supplied from the state supporters of 'al Qaeda' terrorism, the Gulf States, Europe, and the United States?  "Assad in the FAZ interview "Europe will pay the price for delivery of arms""

A Jew's job at manufacturing lies is never done.  "Iran’s New President ~~ Israel’s New Devil" "Looking for a New Devil"  Walt, whose reputation rests on his being a real expert, can be quite the misinformed idiot (my emphasis in red):
"Perhaps the only person who will be seriously disappointed by the outcome is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is bound to miss the less-than-competent and reliably cartoonish figure of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad's irresponsible and offensive comments about Israel and the Holocaust made it easy to demonize the entire country and helped keep the idea of preventive war on the front burner. Rowhani is hardly a softie on the nuclear question or on regional security issues, but he's likely to be much harder to portray as a bloodthirsty Persian version of Hitler. "

"In ’68, Italo Calvino said the only solution in Palestine is ‘the revolutionary road’"

Reinvestigation of old murders seems to be in the air:  "Aldo Moro mystery: Italian prosecutors revisit former PM's 1978 murder"

Sic Semper Tyrannis:
"Barack Obama is about to have his "butt kicked" by the Russians over Syria.  This will be the latest in a long series of defeats for him in his second term, not to mention the unceremonious way the US was disinvited from a continuing presence in Iraq and the massive and thinly disguised failure of his COIN strategic decision in Afghanistan.  These were in his first term.

Putin made it clear yesterday to our British lapdog, David Cameron, that he considers Assad's government to be the legitimate government of Syria and that there will be no resolution emerging from the UN Security Council that threatens that status.  He also made it clear that the rebels (whoever they are) are responsible for many of the civilian casualies that have occurred in Syria.

Russia, Iran, Hizbullah and Syria are in the process of finishing off the "rebels."

Some people are saying that an unpopular minorities based government cannot hold Syria.  Really? His father did so for decades.

Putin said at Enniskillen today that Russia "will not allow" no-fly zones in Syria.  that's a real red line folks.

Humiliation over Syria will be one more phase in BHO's progress toward irrelevance."
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