Saturday, July 27, 2013

Barnaby Jack

"Shock as famed hacker Barnaby Jack dies young":
"Barnaby Jack, a celebrated computer hacker who could force a bank ATM to spit out cash and sparked safety improvements in medical devices, has died in San Francisco.

A police spokesman said that he was was found dead on Thursday evening by “a loved one” at an apartment on Nob Hill and that foul play had been ruled out. The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office said it was conducting an autopsy, though it could be a month before the cause of death was determined.

His sister Amberleigh Jack, who lives in New Zealand, told Reuters he was 35. She declined to comment further, saying she needed time to grieve.

Jack was due to appear at the Black Hat hacking convention in Las Vegas next week, demonstrating techniques for remotely attacking implanted heart devices. He said he could kill a man from 30 feet away."
"Barnaby Jack Could Hack Your Pacemaker and Make Your Heart Explode"

""Broken Hearts": How plausible was the Homeland pacemaker hack?" by Barnaby Jack.
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