Saturday, August 24, 2013

The false-flag era

I suppose we should take some hope in that they still think they have to spend so much effort to fool us.

'Wars for Oil' is the default position of Jews fearing that revealing the truth behind all these many, many, many ruinously expensive Wars For The Jews might not be Good For The Jews.  The facts are always very inconvenient:  "Libya Losing Control of Oil Fields To Jihadist Groups".

Note lite Zionist Blumenthal's attack on real anti-Zionist Atzmon:
"And one person--I think one of the leading anti-Semitic critics of Israel--you couldn't even call him a critic of Israel. He's an ex-Israeli who pretends to be an anti-Zionist but is actually just a pure anti-Semite and who believes that all of the problems of Israel flow not from colonialism but from Judaism, is Gilad Atzmon"
Blumenthal does some good work, and you can't really blame anyone who grows up in a violent racist supremacist environment for being incapable of facing the truth.  Still, we shouldn't be fooled by their self-deception.  Noam's anti-colonialist model is the only kosher understanding of Israel and Zionism, and the very few like Atzmon who don't conform are not only incorrect, but are positively evil.  The vehemence and emotionalism of the attacks on Atzmon should be telling.  They wouldn't give so much away if they just said they think he might be incorrect.

"Yes, Of Course The NSA Pays Tech Companies For Surveillance Efforts"  "Snowden Induced Mea Culpas"  The war on drugs, the prison-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex (Wars For The Jews), the Global War On Terror (institutionalized Islamophobia), and the NSA spying Panopticon - they all start off as one thing and rapidly metastasize into profit centers for the 1%, which means they continue to expand even after every sane person has reached the obvious conclusion that they are completely ridiculous and completely harmful.

After it became obvious that the optics of having Clapper secretly investigate himself were less than perfect, we see Plan B:  "Advocate of Secret Infiltration, Cass Sunstein, on Obama’s “Committee To Make Us Trust the Dragnet”"

Meanwhile the ol' ball and chain continues to keep out of trouble:  "UN Ambassador Samantha Power missed emergency meeting on Syria 'because she was on a personal trip to Ireland'".  It was 'long-planned', you see.  The concentration camp guard loves both her and the false-flag chemical weapons attack:  "Samantha Power on the Duty to Intervene"

"Deleted Daily Mail Online Article: “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad”"  "Is UK Defense Contractor Planning Syrian WMD False Flag?"

"Materials implicating Syrian govt in chemical attack prepared before incident – Russia" "picture of Syrian children"

"Neocon Princelings Kristol, Kagan Split on Egypt"  The Jews have completely lost the confidence that they have a magical connection to the answer of what to do (or what to force the Americans to do) in every situation.  Similarly, note the reporting in Ha'aretz of official Israeli government lies followed by the long-list of common-sense doubts: "Following alleged sarin attack || Defense Minister: Assad used chemical weapons multiple times in Syria".

This is the information equivalent of a false-flag:  "Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself"
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