Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A modest suggestion

Despite the fact the American people don't want another War For The Jews, and the fact that this is the most ridiculous false-flag yet, the Jewish billionaires have issued their orders to their slaves in Congress, and Barry is going to get his war.

You see how this works.  World Jewry is building Greater Israel step by step, using its peculiar hold on American politicians and a dysfunctional American political system, on the basis that if each step seems small enough the victims will take the pain rather than risk an even greater pain.  The final result is the same, but the victims put up with each step in the process on the false hope that they can escape with something.  It should be clear now how false that hope is.

The Iranian government, and the Syrian and Lebanese people, are on the Jewish chopping block (the real target is Hezbollah, as Hezbollah poses the immediate problem to Jewish land thieves).  There is literally only one way to avoid complete disaster, a sudden full-out no-holds-barred rocket attack simultaneously by Hezbollah, Syria and Iran against the Jewish state (merely bluffing, as Assad is trying to do, won't work). 

There will be a fearsome counter attack - but not nuclear, as Israel will only get one shot at nuclear and will want to hold it for later building of Greater Israel - but that attack is survivable, and will be no worse than what is planned by World Jewry anyway.  The key is to make Israel psychologically uninhabitable for the knowledge workers who run the Israeli economy.  They are all ready to run, with passports, airline tickets and bug-out bags at the door.  It is clear that this series of disasters will not end until the Israeli economy, and shortly after the Jewish state, is ended.
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