Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bird interpretive centre

"Ran Greenstein: How to fight the Israel-Apartheid analogy in four easy steps – a guide for useful Hasbara idiots"

"Israel launches media blitz against Rouhani"  Jews, as always, are terrified at the prospect of peace.

"Israel, eying Iran, comes off Syria fence"  You have to assume Oren's admissions are part of some sort of propaganda plan.

"Israel Still Angling for Attacks on Syria and Iran" by Jonathan Cook

"Washington Post’s new Jerusalem correspondent married to pro-Israel propagandist"  It is funny that the Jew-controlled media is so unconcerned at the obviousness of the consistent bias.

"New York Times on Syria: All the propaganda fit to print" by Bill Van Auken

"Some hate appears to be acceptable"

"Bird interpretive centre in Israel to be named after Stephen Harper"

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