Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smells like defeat

Via Reddit Conspiracy, an account of the Pentagon crash from a believer in the Official Story:  "The Works Of Humankind" (my emphasis in red):
"The airliner crashed between two and three hundred feet from my office in the Pentagon, just around a corner from where I work. I’m the deputy General Counsel, Washington Headquarters Services, Office of the Secretary of Defense. A slightly different calibration and I have no doubt I wouldn’t be sending this to you. My colleagues felt the impact, which reminded them of an earthquake. People shouted in the corridor outside that a bomb had gone off upstairs on the main concourse in the building. No alarms sounded. I walked to my office, shut down my computer, and headed out. Even before stepping outside I could smell the cordite. Then I knew explosives had been set off somewhere."
'Cordite' is a term that would be used by most people to describe the smell at a firing range. It describes a very specific and unusual smell. It is not a term that would be used to describe burning jet fuel, a smell you might encounter at an airport.
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