Sunday, September 15, 2013

The slur

"The People Against the 800 Pound Gorilla" by Jean Bricmont and Diana Johnstone:
"An American friend who knows Washington well recently told us that “everybody” there knows that, as far as the drive to war with Syria is concerned, it is Israel that directs U.S. policy. Why then, we replied, don’t opponents of war say it out loud, since, if the American public knew that, support for the war would collapse?  Of course, we knew the answer to that question. They are afraid to say all they know, because if you blame the pro-Israel lobby, you are branded an anti-Semite in the media and your career is destroyed."
"Far from being anti-Semitic, we deplore all forms of “identity politics” that ignore the diversity within every human group. We simply want to be able to say “no” openly to the pro-Israel lobby without being subjected to moral intimidation. This has nothing to do with Jewish religion or identity or culture: it is entirely political. We claim our right to refuse to be drawn into somebody else’s war. We believe that these endless wars are not “good for the Jews” – or for anyone else. We want to contribute to efforts at mutual understanding, diplomacy, compromise and disarmament. In short, to strengthen “the fragile barque of human reason” adrift on the ocean of human folly. Otherwise, that folly may drown us all."
"Dershowitz to Newsmax: Israelis Have Lost Trust in America"  "Dershowitz: Obama Should Ask Congress to Approve Red Line for Iran"

"Sunstein: 'Could Bowling Leagues and the PTA Breed Nazis?'" by Steve Sailer. It is often difficlt to distinguish Jewish academic musings from articles in The Onion.

"Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria"

"Lipstadt's lawyer Anthony Julius exposes Daniel Jonah Goldhagen"
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