Friday, October 04, 2013

Bring your daughter to work day

"Did the DC police just execute a woman who took a wrong turn and then got frightened by being shot at while taking her kid to school?"  I wonder if the fact the officers weren't being paid made them more trigger happy on the basis that they were risking their lives for free.

Of course, she be crazy:  "Capitol Hill shooting: Picture emerges of unarmed mother killed by police"

Speaking of crazy:  "Bandar is back (in manic phase of his bipolar cycle)"

Hayden and Alexander are both obvious psychopaths:  "Former NSA Director Jokes About Putting Snowden On A 'Kill List,' Says He 'Hopes' NSA Is Involved In Targeted Killings"

"How the FBI closed in on the mastermind of the Silk Road, the vast online black market"  I'm not comfortable with the fact that this guy apparently made it so easy to be caught.  There is a huge disconnect between all the protections in Silk Road and the complete absence of security in his personal life.  It is almost as if he had been given assurances that he was safe from government attack.

"What the Scopes Trial Teaches Us About Climate-Change Denial"  American political speech would be much more helpful, and accurate, if 'Tea Party' were always replaced by 'Koch brothers'.
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